The Jewel of Dubai – My First Arabian Experience ​(Accessible Dubai Tour)



Our Dubai trip was God’s gift as counted in so many ways! First, we were one (1) of the only two (2) lucky recipients of a 3D-2N Dubai visit package, courtesy of Meteor Philippines, Inc., a Manila-based travel agency specializing in Mediterranean Tours. Secondly, Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ renowned low-cost carrier, made available low fares for Dubai. Still, among others, there are many Filipinos working in Dubai whom we can easily call for assistance. One of whom is Celina “Linlin” Anora, daughter of our closest friends Efren & Cecil, who gave us last minute tips to finalize our itinerary!

Travelling on a motorized wheelchair could be taxing! However, I believe in the PWD saying that “If there’s a wheel, there’s a way!”. My excitement to explore the Middle East surpassed whatever reservations I had in my mind! Mobility, after all, is just a state of the mind!

I finally conquered Dubai! A very accessible city welcome to travelling PWDs. I cannot say it was hassle-free and in sum, it was really convenient to get around the city! Therefore, I encourage PWDs like me to get out of your shell and see the other side of the fence! The grass outside might be greener!

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