The 4-km. stretch of white, fine sand of Boracay. Photo credit Rizanoia.com


Boracay is a tiny tropical island where people from all over the world come to enjoy beach life, watersport activities and vibrant night life. White beach is the main attraction of Boracay.  It has 4 km. stretch of white, fine sand and various resorts lining its beachfront.  Night life venues are some of its main attractions as fiery color replaces the backdrop of its skyline.

Its beautiful shallow and turquoise water is great for swimming even for non-swimmers. 
the soothing sounds of waves from a sea of turquoise water….
Amazing sunset which is one of the world’s best! Picture credit to rizanoia.com


Exploring new frontiers has been our favorite and exciting family tradition that the family looks forward to every year.  When the kids were still young, Papa and Mama made sure the family gathers at least once a year be it during Christmas, birthdays, or even fiesta of Tagbilaran City.

This tradition allows us to strengthen our family ties and fortify the foundation our family has built since our younger years.

Boracay Visit 2012… At the Ground Lobby of Crown Regency Convention Center…

Since it’s not possible that we are together everyday, planning is done many, many months ahead, i.e. blocking of schedules, filing leaves of absences etc. to ensure everyone is free on scheduled dates as agreed.   In 2012 our first family travel outside our comfort zone which is our home province of Bohol, was at Boracay.  Our goal is to visit this iconic island which has been known for its resorts and beaches.  This was way before the unprecedented total closure of Boracay to introduce its much-needed rehabilitation in 2018.

For a big family of 13-strong to travel, how to do with our 3D/2N budget was quite challenging and a daunting task.  My membership with the Club Ultima then was a plus factor as it affords us with better accommodation facilities available to member-only perks at their Crown Regency chain of hotels and resorts in the country.  We were lucky as this hotel chain has both a beach front resort at Station 3 and a convention center at Station 2 in Boracay that we both tried to visit and avail of.

Promo airfares of local carriers was also an added welcome treat! To save on cost, we patiently and eagerly waited for airlines to offer promo fares which luckily for some time now, are always on our side!

Cousin bonding is the ultimate goal of our family travels…
At pre-departure area waiting for boarding announcement…..
Photo op at Iloilo Airport….

We decided to take the Iloilo International Airport as our entry point as aside from offering affordable fares, we could, as well explore the island of Panay.  Coming from two (2) major airports, i.e. Cebu and Manila were quite challenging as well.  Much as we planned to coincide our arrival schedules simultaneously, possibilities of delayed flights could happen from either end.  Thus, our precious travel time was slashed from waiting for the arrival of the other group.

While waiting for the arrival of the Manila Group
Studying the road we have to tread from Iloilo Airport to Caticlan…
Some mardigras outfit for Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival available at the Iloilo Airport

We booked a private van to pick us up from the airport then we travelled from Iloilo City to Caticlan passing by Passi City and Kalibo.  Travel time took us about 4.5 hrs.

The group taking the long drive from Iloilo Airport to Caticlan

The van dropped us at Caticlan Port only as we need to take a 10-minute ferry ride to Cagban Port in Boracay.

As we travel in large group as if we privately hired this 10-min. ferry ride to Cagban Port, Boracay.

Tricycles and multicabs are the only transport service available for hire in the island.  Most of the tourists then prefer to explore the island by walking.

we walked our way to take our food and explore the surrounding area…
Just a few of the beautiful resorts that caught my attention….

My Floating beach wheelchair

Being a PWD myself, my mobility was not compromised as I brought with me from Bohol my floating beach wheelchair.  This amphibious wheelchair easily rolls at the sandy surface and equally serves my buoyancy needs as it floats, as well, in the water.

My Mobi-Chair floating beach wheelchair is my ultimate partner for leisure time and enjoyment if I go to the beach or swimming pool.  Its armrests and wheels are comprised of floatation materials that enable balance while bathing in the water.  A US-designed technology but it is available in Asia. I imported this unit from Taiwan.

Points of Interests

Since we were strangers to the place, we made sure we made the most of our stay in the island. We frolicked at its sun-kissed emerald blue water and its white, powdery and sandy beaches. We explored, as well, some of its posh resorts while the kids ventured on its night life and party area somewhere at Station 2.  Fire dancing is a regular treat to welcome their tourists.

just some of the sights that await you if you explore the beach area at night time….

Aside from our resort at Station 3, we also visited another resort at Station 1, the Astoria-Boracay where incidentally, I am a member too of its Astoria Vacation Club.  We have scheduled our family vacation in Palawan this year and we will stay in their Astoria-Palawan property which has the biggest Water Park as its main attraction.

Places to eat happy with budget meals

Looking for places to eat happy with budget meals is not a problem in Boracay.  D’ Talipapa Seafood Wet Market Restaurants at Station 2 – known for fresh seafood and paluto restaurants was just a walking distance from our resort.

credits to above blogspot for this picture

Many people would think that travelling to Boracay is expensive.  That is not always true.  If you are a budget traveller and looking for ways to save on travel expenses, you can cut down on food cost. 

Bernadette G. Caberte – Gen. Manager, Royal Fantasy Tours