Best guesthouse we’ve been to

From Kat Casimiro, Makati City

“Best guesthouse we’ve been to”

Reviewed January 23, 2014
We stayed here for 3 nights. Upon arrival at the airport, Kuya Hapon picked us up. (We availed the tour package) The service car was an SUV. After only about a blink of an eye we were at the guesthouse. Yes, it’s that close to the airport that you can actually walk to save gas. =)
The building was very easy to find and well located. The reception was friendly. On the first floor, you will find the reception area where you can also book your tours. The second floor is where the rooms at, the kitchen and dining area and the common area.

Everywhere you look, the place looks spotless. The common area has a TV and Wi-Fi, although we were not able to use it so I can’t comment on that. I like the kitchen and dining area so much! It’s the only guesthouse I’ve been to that has complete kitchen facilities and even provides free water. And you can actually cook there. There’s also a smoking area in the third floor.

Now on to the room.
The room we had was a double deluxe which was a steal for 800 Pesos. It has a private bathroom. The size of the room is ok but for me the bathroom is quite big.